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Are Micro Weddings the new big thing?

If you regularly follow members of the wedding industry online you’ll have noticed that talk of micro weddings has been just about everywhere for the last year (written in early 2021) and we all know why. (Let’s not mention the ‘Covid’ word!).

Micro weddings have always existed alongside their larger counterparts but during 2020 smaller weddings became for some couples the best alternative to cancelling or rescheduling their big day. Hats off to them for taking the plunge!

I’ve been lucky enough to capture quite a few of these small and intimate weddings over the years and obviously more during 2020 than any other year. In my experience, they are always very beautiful and perfectly formed wedding days without compromise. They can still be luxurious, stylish and full of smiles and laughter, just on a smaller scale!

If you are planning something smaller or considering downsizing your existing wedding plans here are a few benefits and tips that you may find interesting.

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is basically a small intimate wedding, typically with no more than 50 guests although often there’s fewer than that. They can still feature time-honoured traditions that make up a larger wedding but they are just on a much smaller scale.

Smaller weddings have grown in popularity due the last year as a result of Covid restrictions but they are definitely not a new thing.

What a micro wedding is not is an elopement. In most cases, an elopement is a secret and sometimes last-minute affair with just the couple, their witnesses and the officiant. Many couples opt to elope abroad so it’s not the same as a micro wedding.

So what are the benefits?

Small and Intimate

The smaller the wedding, the more time you will have to connect with your guests individually. So small and intimate can often equal a better guest experience.

With larger weddings, couples don’t always get much of a chance to have a real conversation with everyone individually. However, a small gathering gives you the ability to really interact with your guests and have some quality time with each one.

Because of this, the day can often feel more relaxed.


Whereas large and more traditional weddings can come with expectations and formalities, micro weddings offer couples the chance to be more flexible and creative.

It may be that the venue of your dreams are not able to accommodate your growing guest list but could be perfect for a micro wedding.

For smaller events, the timelines tend to be more manageable, there are no huge guest numbers to be entertained and often no top table formalities like lengthy speeches.

I particularly love that couples have the luxury of more time for photos of just the two of them as their family groups don’t take any time at all!

Quality over Quantity

For some couples, a big elaborate party was never their style to begin with but having a micro wedding doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the luxury or classiness of your big day. You can still make the most of it and include all of those elements that you truly value as a couple. This could be your decor, your flowers or your food.

If you’re downsizing you could re-allocate some of your original budget to elevating certain elements of your day or even buy that dream dress you’ve been longing for!

Less Stress and Less Fuss

There’s no doubt that planning and organising a wedding of 50 people or less is going to be a lot less stress than the logistics of planning a wedding of 100 or more.

If you have no time or inclination for the planning process then a micro wedding may be just the thing for you.

In addition, if you hate fuss and don’t like being the centre of attention then saying your vows in front of a smaller more relaxed gathering may suit you better.

And then there’s the budget!

By inviting fewer guests to your wedding it will inevitably mean that your money will stretch further. If budget is an issue for you then a micro wedding with just your closest loved ones may be the answer.

I your budget allows then your spend per head could increase while the overall cost comes down. Your small wedding can be big on personality and atmosphere with no compromise on style. Prioritise and focus on the things that are most meaningful to you.

Why would I want a Micro Wedding?

Not every couple wants a huge wedding or the expense that goes along with it. You may feel more comfortable with fewer guest, fewer eyes on you and more money to spend on your honeymoon!

It may also be that you just want to get married during a restricted time like 2020/21 and save the party until later.

Whatever your reason, a micro wedding is by no means a compromise. Small can definitely be mighty. You can still plan the wedding of your dreams and be surrounded by the people you love while having the space to enjoy each other at this significant and exciting time in your life.

Big, small or in between, your day will be perfect. Just remember that it’s your special day just for you and your partner and you should do exactly what brings you joy.

I love micro weddings but I also love large weddings and I’d be sad if I couldn’t photograph both types of celebrations.

And the last word

No matter how small your wedding day is it’s important to document it in all of its beauty. Hire a professional photographer to capture it for you.

You may not need a full day’s package and a second photographer to go along with it as a smaller guest list means a smaller shot list and less candid photos. Talk to your photographer about creating a bespoke package with hours that will suit your perfect day.

If you are planning your wedding, whatever size, I’d love to hear from you, so do get in touch!