Boudoir Photography Kent

My style of boudoir photography is elegant, feminine and sensual. I use both natural and artificial light to create beautiful, stylish images that are a world away from the typical ‘glamour’ style you often see in the media.

It’s important to me that you have an amazing experience and that the result is not only a set of images that reflect your beautiful self but also images that you feel proud to own.

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Boudoir Photography Kent



Where it all started

I started shooting boudoir initially as a compliment to my wedding photography business.  I found a joy in creating an experience that women of any age, shape or size found liberating and a boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem.

I know how hard it can be for a woman to feel confident in the way she looks and I respect that it may have taken a great deal of courage to make the booking in the first place. That’s why my boudoir sessions are as individual as my clients. Whilst there are often a few key images that clients like, I don’t tend to work to a set of standard poses; we are, after all, very different from each other.

Lingerie aside, boudoir sessions are above all else, a beautiful portrait shoot that celebrates you and your natural beauty.



On the day

When you book your shoot, I’ll send you my lingerie guide which will give you some tips on how to prepare for your session, whether that’s your lingerie choices or which sky-high heels to bring!

You will, no doubt, arrive feeling nervous but hopefully excited too.  Each session includes a hair and make-up artist to pamper you and I guarantee this will help ease those nerves!  The shoot itself is relaxed and unhurried and lasts around 2-3 hours, during which time I will give you all the gentle direction and guidance you will need.

After the session, you’ll be looking and feeling fabulous, so why not arrange a night out to celebrate!




Viewing your images

After your boudoir shoot, I will individually edit your images. You will be able to view your photos within one or two weeks in a private password-protected gallery, which is available for a limited time. From your gallery, you will be able to choose which images you’d like to keep.

It’s crucial to me that you receive something exquisite to take away at the end of your boudoir experience and I hope that you choose to print and display some of your images.  For this reason, each of my boudoir collections includes some form of printed product, even the digital-only option.

You can, of course, upgrade your package to include additional display products.

2024 Boudoir Collections start from £745 (including professional hair and make-up).



I like to keep my boudoir sessions relaxed and quiet, which is why my team consists of just two people; your hair and make-up artist, and me.

Each of my boudoir collections include hair and make-up as standard as I believe that it makes a huge difference to how you feel as well as how you look in your photos. My aim is for you have a pampered and luxurious experience which makes you feel fantastic.

Once your hair and make-up are complete and you are feeling fabulous and ready to start the session it’ll just be me and you.

If you are nervous or unsure and would like to chat to me about my boudoir shoots before booking, contact me to arrange a Zoom call.




I decided to add boudoir photography to my portfolio in 2016 as I found many of my brides were looking for boudoir to create a gift for their partner-to-be.

As someone who knows what it’s like to have low body self-confidence it has become so rewarding for me to help women to feel incredible. Although many of my clients are looking to create a gift for the person they love, a boudoir shoot is also something very powerful a woman can gift herself. A boudoir session is a unique way for women to embrace their bodies, boost their self confidence and to see just how beautiful they are, because every woman deserves this.

I’m very sensitive to how vulnerable a woman can feel in front of my camera so my sessions unfold at my clients pace and with every respect given,  which is exactly how I’d like to be photographed.



Hair and make-up is an important part of the boudoir experience as it goes a long way to helping you feel fantastic and more confident. For this reason it is included in all of my boudoir collections.

Before your session begins Sam will work with you to discuss and make recommendations on the most flattering hair and make-up styles for you. She will ensure that you look and feel the best version of yourself; looking amazing and filled with confidence for your shoot.

Sam has many years of experience working in weddings and events, TV and theatre. For more about Sam and her styling experience go to her website here  SJB Hair & Make-Up


“Penny, these are amazing, thank you so much!”



What do I bring?

You’ve taken the time to invest in a boudoir shoot, so it makes sense to invest in something special to wear that makes you feel fantastic. I usually advise bringing two or three sets of beautiful lingerie. Often women bring something light in colour like their bridal lingerie and then something dark or black to give a different type of look. You also may want to think outside of the box; a vest and a simple pair of pants can look gorgeous too!

Do you do bridal boudoir?

Yes, I do. The outfits you wear are entirely your choice. Often ‘brides to be’ will bring their bridal lingerie and sometimes their veil and these can make some very beautiful images as a surprise for their groom or partner on the morning of the wedding.

I'm really nervous and embarrassed about posing

It’s totally understandable, it’s probably way out of your comfort zone.  Don’t worry, I don’t expect anyone to act like a model and the shoot is totally in your control. You can be as dressed or undressed as you prefer and you will not be expected to do anything you don’t want to do.  I will guide you throughout the shoot and will do everything I can to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You’ll be surprised how much you enjoy it once you have got over your initial nerves and I guarantee you won’t feel embarrassed at all!

I'm not photogenic and there are bits of me I don't like

I fully understand, I feel the same way about bits of me too! Please don’t worry it’s my job to make you feel at ease and to put you in poses that compliment your shape. I don’t expect you to act like a model. I will direct you through the whole process, from your position to what to do with your hands. Trust me, you will look amazing.

Can you photoshop me?

I absolutely believe in promoting body confidence and self-love. However, I do appreciate that you want to look your best in your photographs. I can remove blemishes which aren’t permanent, for example, acne, bruises, skin rashes etc. But, if you are specifically concerned about something then please let me know, and I will do my best to accommodate it during posing.

Who will be there during the shoot?

Once your hair and make-up have been done it’ll be just you and me. If however, you think it will make you feel more comfortable you’re very welcome to bring a friend.

Will my photos be on your website?

I will never use your photos on my website without your permission; I completely respect your privacy. I may, on occasion, ask a client if I can use a selection of their images for my website but will never do so without their go-ahead, and I am happy if they’d like to choose which ones I can use too.


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