I specialise in a relaxed and uncontrived approach to wedding storytelling.  I work in a ‘hands-off’ documentary way which allows me to capture the joy and excitement while letting my couples relish every moment as the day unfolds.

My happy place is photographing people and it’s people that make a wedding special. There’s no better event for capturing human emotion than a wedding. The love, the laughter and the fun are unpredictable, always unique and very exciting to photograph. There’s no such thing as a perfect photo, there are only perfect moments.







Natural & Unposed


I’ll be following the flow of your day capturing moments as they unfold without influencing what happens. I capture the small details as well as the big moments without getting in the way or telling you what to do. You don’t need to worry about set-up shots or posing and I certainly won’t get you to act in any way that doesn’t reflect who you are.  You should look back at your photos and remember how you felt in that moment and not remember the act of being photographed.

If you’d like to take some time out during your reception for some shots of the two of you, 20-30 minutes is usually enough time to get some natural photos of you both just enjoying being in each others company.

I will, of course, capture some family group photos. I’m sure you don’t want to be standing around for hours on end grinning at the camera so I ask that you keep the list relatively small (6-8 groupings) and I’ll do these as quickly as possible so that people can get on with enjoying themselves.


“Love, love love the photos! Thank you so much.”



I usually join the bride or first partner approximately two hours before they leave for the ceremony going all the way through to three or four dances after the first dance. This is approximately 8-10 hours of cover.  (Short cover options are available on request).

I can capture groom or second partner preps too if they are getting ready in the same venue; otherwise I’ll meet them at the ceremony location and grab shots of them and their party there. (Second photographer options are also available).

After your wedding, I get to work editing and perfecting your images. Typically you will receive somewhere in the region of 500-800 images but I don’t limit the number you get.

You will have all of the final printable high-resolution files available to download with full printing rights. You can print and share your images with your family and friends to your heart’s content! You will also receive a personalised box which holds a selection of mounted fine art prints.

2024-25 wedding collections start at £1,999 for a full day of photography.


“The photos are stunning and really captured the spirit of the day, thank you again.”

Becki & Jamie








“Thank you so much for the wonderful photos.  You went above and beyond on our wedding day and we are so very grateful for all you did”



What's the booking process?
I will always meet my couples before they book, generally via a Zoom call. We can chat through your plans and I can explain in more detail how I work and answer any questions you may have. If after meeting me you decide that I’m the photographer for you, I will require a signed contract (booking form) as well as a deposit to secure the date. (I’m more than happy to arrange to chat one evening but please don’t ask to meet me on a Sunday as it’s often my only day off!).
What if you haven't shot at my venue before?
I have photographed weddings at lots of venues across Kent and the South East but it’s not an issue if I haven’t shot at your venue before.  As a professional photographer, I pride myself on having the equipment and the ability to tackle most situations you would find on a typical wedding day. Having said that, I can arrange a visit to the venue with you before your big day if time allows. But this is mainly to help me get a feel for what you love about your venue and we can always do that via a video call.
I really don't like having my photo taken
Don’t worry, most couples say the same thing and I don’t expect anyone to act like a professional model. With gentle guidance, I aim to put you in the best possible light and position where you look the very best for the camera. After that, I just ask that you be yourselves and relax and enjoy your day. If you do need a little encouragement I will, of course, give you a little prompt here and there. The important thing is to focus on each other, enjoy the quiet time away from your guests and you’ll be fine. If you are particularly worried, you may also want to consider having an engagement shoot to experience what it’s like to be photographed by a professional before your wedding.
Do you take family group photos too?
Yes absolutely, I wouldn’t be very popular with Granny if I didn’t take any!  Although it’s generally the more natural and often candid shots that really tell the story of your day, most couples want and expect a few family group shots too. Group photos are important but I ask that the numbers are kept sensible to ensure that there is enough time for me to capture other things too. I ask that there are no more than 6-8 groups which should be enough to capture the most important people but without unnecessary duplication. I aim to do your group shots as soon as possible after your ceremony as that way you and your guests can get on with enjoying yourself.
Can we provide you with a shot list?

Other than for family and friend groupings, I’d prefer that you didn’t. A wedding is such a moveable feast in that people’s timings and availability can vary wildly during the day. It would be silly and wrong of me to promise to capture every shot from a checklist. Providing me with a long list of shots (when many of the shots I will capture anyway) can be counterproductive to my documentary style. It may result in a different look to the images that you’ve seen on my website. I would much rather create something new and beautiful for you rather than copy shots from social media. Having said that, if there are a couple of pictures that you really love (running across a field with balloons or holding a Mr and Mrs sign, for example), then I will do everything I can to capture those for you – in my style of course!

Will our wedding be on your website or blog?

I will ask for your permission to do this when you first sign your wedding contract with me. I like to share my client images so prospective couples like you can see my work! You will, however, always be the first to see your wedding photos and if you really prefer that I didn’t share them, that’s absolutely fine too.

Penny Young


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