Gorse Hill Hotel Wedding Photos | Zuza and Richard

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The Gorse Hill Hotel

Zuza and Richard were such a delight to work with.  Not only do they have the most beautiful German Shepard dog who took part in their wedding day but they also have a love of photography and are very good at it too!

The Preparations

Jim and I met the couple at their wedding venue, The Gorse Hill Hotel in Woking Surrey, on the morning of their wedding in August of 2015.  Zuza was quietly getting ready in her room with her mum and sister while Richard had arrived earlier with their dog Azor.   The couple have a real love of nature and the great outdoors and included a number of beautiful features within their day such as a bird house post box and butterfly details on their tables.  Their cake was simple but stunning and topped with Zuza’s favourite orchids.

Zuza looked amazing in her wedding gown from Blessings Bridal complemented by a bouquet of of the most lovely pale hydrangeas.  It was an emotional moment when she saw her dad just before heading into the ceremony.

The Ceremony and Reception

Their lovely ceremony was presided over by one of their friends and they were married surrounded by their friends and family that had travelled far and wide to be with them.  They then headed off out into the bright sunshine with Azor to be covered with confetti and to have drinks on one of the hottest days of the year.

After a few shots with the couple in the lovely grounds of the hotel they headed into their wedding breakfast which was followed by some wonderful and very funny speeches.  After their meal the couple took some time out with us for a few more shots around the inside of the hotel where we found the most lovely light beneath an atrium on one of the hotel floors.  It was a warm evening and so guests spilled out into the gardens of the hotel before watching the couple take to the floor for their first dance!

Here’s a few shots from their day.

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