Four Weddings (and thankfully no funeral)

Like so many businesses out there, I’ve seen my business pause for over a year. Wedding photography has not been in high demand, and I’ve only shot about a third of the number of weddings that I would usually shoot in any one year; no surprises there.

I’ve kept myself busy by evolving my brand, investing in and setting up a new client gallery, hiring a business coach, commissioning a new logo, selecting new luxury products, and so much more. I’ve not been idle!

This has all been great in its own way, and it’s been lovely to have the time to tick some outstanding boxes on my To-Do list. But where I really like to be is at the coalface, rolling my sleeves up and doing what I love, photographing your weddings.

Like probably most of you, my world shrunk, and if I’m honest, so did my energy. A big day here was a supermarket shop followed by my daily walk, sound familiar?

Fast forward to the last couple of weeks, and I’ve photographed four weddings, two commercial shoots and all this in just eight days. To put it into perspective, it felt like coming home from two weeks lying on a beach to run a Marathon!

I was ready, but my body wasn’t, and all I can say is ‘ouch’!

It was a bit of a rude awakening, but I definitely feel wide awake again now!

It’s great to be working with all my lovely couples again and spending such happy days capturing their memories and precious moments creatively.

But for now, it’s another yoga session followed by a hot bath and maybe even watching the movie ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’.