Brands Hatch Place Wedding Photos | Natasha and Greg

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Natasha and Greg were an absolute delight to work with.  They had been recommended to us by their friends Kayleigh and Chris whose wedding we shot in August of 2014 and we love recommendations! (To take a look at Kayleigh and Chris’s Penshurst Place wedding click here).  Their wedding ceremony was to be held at St Mary Magdalene Church in Cobham Kent which was a special place for Natasha and her family followed by their reception at the Brands Hatch Place Hotel and Spa which was to be a new venue for us to shoot at.


I arrived at Natasha’s parents house in the morning to a house full of ladies, a couple of gents and two rather lovely family pooches.  The brides preparations were well underway.  Kelli Waldock the make up artist was creating a beautiful glamorous look for Natasha in a room bedecked with twinkle lights so I headed off to shoot Natasha’s bridal details; her shoes, jewellery, perfume and a family heirloom, helped by the flower girls!  The morning, as it does, disappeared in a flash and it was soon time for Natasha to get into her beautiful wedding dress which she had bought from Wed2Be in Bromley.  By this time Natasha was getting a little nervous so it was important for her to have some quiet time before heading off to the ceremony.  This is always a lovely time for me to capture some bridal shots and for the bride to compose herself before the big event.

Jim had joined Greg at the couples home earlier in the morning for the usual guy’s getting ready fun before they headed out for the church.  The group of guys stopped by the village pub for a couple of fun walking shots and then crossed the road to the church for the serious bit!


The weather had been a bit drizzly in the morning and when I arrived at the church it was raining.  Natasha arrived in a a beautifully restored Volkswagen Convertible Beetle called Daisy from Kent Wedding Wheels and by the time she stepped out of the car the sun was shining!  It was a lovely ceremony and the brides dad only just managed to keep his emotions in check as he walked his beautiful daughter down the aisle.  After the couple were married we spent a short amount of time photographing some of the family at the church and then the couple headed through their confetti line to Daisy the VW Beetle to take them on to their reception.


It was lovely to work with Barry Sims again being the toastmaster for the day and, as all toastmasters are, he was incredibly helpful in getting people together, moving things along and generally keeping everything to time.  We took advantage of the sunshine when Natasha and Greg arrived at Brands Hatch Place to photograph them with the beautiful car before finishing off their group shots before they took their seats for their wedding breakfast.  It was at this time that Kent Wedding Wheels took a hilarious picture of me while I was laying on the floor to get the best shot angle!  (Take a look at my Facebook page or Instagram feed to see this picture as well as the final picture I was seeing through the lens!)  Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse during their meal and so we were weren’t able to get out into the grounds for additional pictures later on.  It was a real shame as we had all been hoping for a sunset!  We did however, use a couple of rooms in the hotel to take some more dramatic couple shots of them.  They were both very generous with their time on the day as they placed a great deal of importance on their wedding photos which is always lovely for us.

They kicked off the dancing with their first dance to Always and Forever by Luther Vandross which was a very fitting end to the celebrations for such a gorgeous couple.

Here’s a peek at their day.

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Reception Venue – Brands Hatch Place Hotel and Spa

Toastmaster – Barry Sims

Car Hire – Kent Wedding Wheels

Brides Dress – Wed2Be in Bromley

Hair – Tania Jarvis

Make Up – Kelli Waldock

Flowers – Chic Weddings

Cake – Wendy Ireland by Nicksons Celebration Cakes

DJ – The Beat Union via Entertainment Nation

Magician – Etienne Pradier

Sweet Cart – The Sweet Cart Company