I’m mostly known for…
+ my love of cats
+ for being quite neat
+ my huge collection of cookery books
+ and my love of a good crime drama


Penny Young Kent Wedding Photographer


I aspired to be a professional photographer in my teens, but, as life often does, it took me in a completely different direction. I went on instead to have a successful career in the City of London before deciding to fully embrace the creative life and become a full-time professional photographer in 2012. Being a Kent wedding photographer has taken me on a fantastic journey. In the beginning, I only photographed weddings and would occasionally shoot family portraits. I have since added beautiful boudoir to my repertoire, which I absolutely love shooting.

You can see some of the lovely weddings and gorgeous ladies that I have photographed in my portfolio.



Yoga and Qigong


Kent Wedding Photographer Penny Young


Photographing a couple’s wedding is a real privilege and such a lovely way to earn my crust. Not only do I love what I do, but I also honestly believe it’s so crucial that we all exist in photos to create memories for our families and future generations. It shows them that we were there for those important times in their lives and what can be more precious than that. I get a massive amount of satisfaction from creating something that will be cherished long after I’m gone.

I enter every wedding with fresh eyes and a new approach because your day is unique and definitely not the same as the wedding I shot the week before. I’ll capture your memories beautifully but will also make sure you have the most fabulous and fun day of your life!


LJ Ross

Love is...

having furry friends

favourite places

and someone to share them with

Penny Young of Penny Young Photography

Kent Wedding Photographer

From looking at my galleries, you’ll see that my approach is very natural and mostly ‘hands off’. For most of the day, you’ll barely know that I’m there, which means that you can focus on enjoying your day, knowing that your precious moments are being captured and saved for a lifetime.  Please take a look at my information page to get the full low down.

When booking your wedding photography with me, you’ll get
+ me and not a poor imitation thereof
+ my care and attention in the lead up to your day
+ support when you need it, either before, during or after your big day
+ a relaxed and calming influence for your day
+ lots of fun and smiling memories to look back on after the day has gone

I’ve been lucky to have been featured in Your Kent Wedding Magazine, Kent Life Magazine, A Kentish Ceremony Magazine, Kent Messenger, The English Wedding Blog, Festival Brides blog, the Wedding Community Blog, and on the John Lewis website!